Meet the World

Professor Ousmane Ndiaye

  • Pediatrician, specialist of Neonatology ; Diploma in epidemiology

  • Chair of Pediatrics Department of Medecine Faculty- Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD)

  • Head of Pediatrics of Albert Royer National Hospital Center (Dakar)

  • President of francophone Association of black African countries (APANF)

  • President of Senegalese Society of Pediatrics (SOSEPED)

  • Deputy Centre Leader of Mother and Child Health African Center (CEA-SAMEF) of UCAD (Senegal)

  • Teaching experience in several African Universities (Bénin, Niger, Mali, Guinée, Rwanda)

  • Consultant for UNICEF in Niger and Togo, Lux Development in Rwanda and CEFOREP/Aware-RH in Cameroon

  • Author of several studies and congress lecture in Pediatrics field with more concentration on neonatology, nutrition and public health